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Just as you can run Juno on its own, it is also possible to embed it into you application or run it side by side using StackPHP.


To run within StackPHP you need its url-map package. Now push Juno on to your map. Using StackPHP enables you to embed it into any application that is build on HttpKernelInterface. Thee applications includes Symfony, Laravel, Silex, Flint, Drupal and a bunch or others.


$juno = Juno\create_application($debug = true);
// Configure $juno here.

$map = new Stack\UrlMap($myApp, array(
    '/_juno' => $juno,

// Assuming $app contains your normal HttpKernel application.

Instead of doing the handle() call explicitly it is encouraged to use Stack\run which handles calling the right events etc.


use Stack\UrlMap;

$map = new UrlMap($myApp, array(
    '/_juno', Juno\create_application($debug = true),


Within a Silex Application

Juno is written as ServiceProviderInterface and ControllerProviderInterface implementations. This lets you embed it directly by using the service providers. The service provider uses the boot method to mount the controller provider.


use Silex\Application;
use Juno\Provider\JunoServiceProvider;
use Bernard\Silex\BernardServiceProvider;

$app = new Silex\Applcation(array('debug' => true));
$app->register(new BernardServiceProvider);
$app->register(new JunoServiceProvider, array(
    'juno.mount_prefix' => '/_juno',